Which repairs are my responsibility?

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What we repair

As part of your tenancy agreement, we only carry out certain repairs. Other repairs are your responsibility. In general we are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the building’s structure, exterior, fixtures and fittings, heating, hot water, electrical, gas and sanitation installations, kitchen and bathroom suites.

Refer to section 7 of the Repairs handbook for details of what we are responsible for repairing and what you are responsible for.

In addition to the above details please note: We are responsible for communal areas. Should you discover a fault in a communal area please report it to us.

Chargeable repairs

If you, any member of your household or a visitor cause damage to your home, whether accidental or on purpose, it is your responsibility to put this right.

You may carry out this work yourself or alternatively; you can look to hire a skilled professional (recommended) although meeting the cost of these repairs is your responsibility.

If you do not undertake any repairs or replacement works for which you are responsible, we may send an official notification asking you to do so within a certain time frame. If you do not carry out the necessary repairs within the allotted time we may, after a reasonable period of notice, enter your home and do the work ourselves. You would then be charged for the work undertaken and any administrative costs incurred.

Where the property deteriorates because of neglect, for example when repairs have not been reported and as a result the problem has got worse, we will charge you for the cost of remedying the resulting problem.

As a general rule we will not carry out repairs that are your responsibility, such as boarding up or re-glazing broken windows. In certain circumstances we may decide to do so, for example where customers are vulnerable.

Non-payment of charges

Should you fail to pay any money you owe us, we will take legal action through the small claims court. We may also serve a Notice of Seeking Possession against your tenancy.

Moving out

When you move out of your home you need to make sure that it is clean and empty. It should be in a good decorative order and in a good state of repair. You must ensure that all keys (including communal entrance keys and fobs) are returned to us.

We acknowledge that when you move out that there may be some visible wear and tear within the property, but there should not be any sign of damage or neglect.

If a property is left in disrepair, or if we have to clear it of goods or clean it, we will charge you for any costs incurred.