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Stonewater's podcast, On the Air is a new platform that discusses not only housing, but national campaigns such as Make a Stand, ground-breaking development schemes and our approach to putting customers at the heart of everything we do.

Featuring key industry figures, our employees and our customers, we will be bringing you the conversations that matter.

Series 3, Episode 6: 16 Days of Activism: Awareness, Action and Accountability

In this episode, guests will be discussing the aims of this year’s 16 days of action against domestic abuse campaign and explore why an intersectional approach to domestic abuse is vital; highlighting the various barriers many marginalised groups and individuals face when trying to flee domestic abuse and access support. Host Anisha Patel is joined by guest co-host Sandra Chidavaenzi, Domestic Abuse Transformation Manager at Stonewater, as well as Nicola Lambe, Head of Domestic Abuse at Stonewater, Dr Hannana Siddiqui, Head of Policy, Research and Fundraising at Southall Black Sisters and Astrid Palmer, LGBTQ+ specialist at Victim Support.

Series 3, Episode 5: Fuel Poverty

For many, fuel poverty is just poverty by another name. While some emergency help and financial support does exist for those who are struggling to pay their energy bills, it often doesn’t go far enough.

On this episode of On the Air, Host Anisha Patel is joined by guest co-host Emily Batchford, Environmental Sustainability Officer at Stonewater to talk about the work the organisation is currently doing to maximise the efficiency of its homes to ensure they are warm and affordable now and in the future, for customers.

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Series 3, Episode 4: Modern Poverties: Exploring homeworking and income inequalities

In 2020 Stonewater worked with think tank IPPR to produce ‘All Hands to the Pump,’ to find solutions to the ‘retrofitting challenge’ and pave the way to increasing the number of low-carbon homes in the UK.

This year, Stonewater is working with think tank Demos to take a deep dive into modern poverties for low paid remote workers. Host Anisha Patel will be joined by guest co-host David Button (Cavendish Advocacy) to discuss the research proposal and potential impact with Dave Lockerman (Stonewater) and Rose Lasko-Skinner (Demos).

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Series 3, Episode 3: The INVITE Project

Funded by the Longleigh Foundation, the INVITE project (undertaken by the University of Stirling) aims to investigate how assistive and everyday technologies can be implemented in retirement living properties to improve residents’ quality of life and sustain inclusive communities.

In this episode, our hosts are joined by Dr Grant Gibson (Lecturer in Dementia Studies and Co-Investigator, University of Stirling), Dr Steve Rolfe (Research Fellow from University of Stirling) and Pat Harvey (retirement living customer, Stonewater) to discuss the project and what it's like to live with dementia, and the impact the project hopes to achieve.

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Series 3, Episode 2: The George Blunden Public Art Prize

For the first time, Stonewater has launched its own public art prize to give talented artists from all over the country – both established and emerging – who are producing ground-breaking and innovative artworks the chance to deliver a series of pieces that can sit proudly on its development schemes.

In this latest episode of On the Air, host Anisha Patel is joined by guest co-host Jonathan Layzell, Executive Director of Development at Stonewater to talk about launching the George Blunden Public Art Prize and the value of public art to its customers and communities. Joined by metal sculptor Mick Kirkby-Geddes and Jacqueline Burton, development manager at Stonewater, the two panelists give their insight into producing public art and what artists should consider in their entry.

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Series 3, Episode 1: 6 months on: Tackling veteran homelessness

In Series 1, we sat down with colleagues from Stonewater and its partners to talk about an innovative community build scheme that was changing the lives of six veterans. It’s been six months since the development was completed and the veterans moved into their brand-new homes. Host Anisha Patel will be joined by guest host and Director of Development (South and West) at Stonewater, Matt Crucefix, to catch up with Dwaine, one of the veterans involved in the scheme and find out what life’s been like since he moved into his home on Noden’s Mews (on Waterworks Lane in the Herefordshire town of Leominster).

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Series 2, Episode 4: myOwnHome

In 2019, Stonewater launched its own shared ownership scheme exclusively for colleagues. For the final episode of series two we will hear from the colleagues who have completed their purchase and moved into their new home through the scheme, as well as explore why the scheme was created; providing an insight into the work that went into developing it.

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Series 2, Episode 3: Coronavirus a year on

A year on since the first national lockdown, our colleagues will be reflecting on the changes that have been made across the business; highlighting the positives and what’s here to stay, as well as the challenges and how they’ve been overcome to ensure Stonewater continues to adapt and change and provide services where it is safe to do so.

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Series 2, Episode 2: Shared Ownership Part 2

A year on from our first myth busting episode on shared ownership, the tenure has been called into question by Panorama and a new model is due to be proposed imminently. To explore the questions being asked about shared ownership by investigative journalists and aspiring homeowners, we welcome back a few familiar colleagues as well as  Ella Cheney, Shared Ownership Programme Manager at the National Housing Federation and Kelly McCabe, Managing Director of The Mortgage People.

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Series 2, Episode 1: Choose to challenge #IWD2021

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is ‘choose to challenge’. As an organisation, Stonewater is very conscious of ensuring it provides services to those not met by the mainstream housing market. This episode explores how the organisation is raising awareness against bias and is able to support marginalised groups across its specialist housing schemes. Featuring Shamela Khatun (Stonewater's South Asian Women's Refuge), Sian Rios (Stonewater's dedicated LGBTQ+ Safe Space), Alison Inman (Former President of the CIH) and Valerie Wise (National Lead for Domestic Abuse, Victim Support).

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Episode Special: All Hands to the Pump

Stonewater has funded a report by think tank IPPR to develop solutions that can solve the fundamental issue of how we decarbonise our housing stock and help to tackle climate change, as well as being a core part of the economic recovery after Covid-19. This episode special discusses the key recommendations that came out of the report, and how we can work to provide innovative solutions.

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Series 1, Episode 5: Giving customers a voice

We are one of the few housing associations that have retained our Scrutiny Panel, in this episode we hear directly from them on why they are vital in shaping our services

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Series 1, Episode 4: Waterworks Lane

We're joined by The Royal British Legion and Herefordshire Council to talk about our new self-buiild scheme for veterans

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Series 1, Episode 3: Make a Stand

In this episode we discuss the Chartered Institute of Housing's Make a Stand campaign

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Series 1, Episode 2: The case for shared ownership

We discuss Stonewater's shared ownership model, along with challenges and misconceptions

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Series 1, Episode 1: Five years on

Five years since the merger, we reflect on what Stonewater has achieved so far, and what the next five have in-store. With David Blower, Clare Bray and Dean Ballard, listen below:

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