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Stonewater continues to achieve the top governance and viability ratings of G1/V1, displaying the Regulator of Social Housing’s faith in our resilient financial capacity.

Our “A” credit rating from S&P Global Ratings is the result of very strong liquidity and a robust business model, with predictable revenue streams from low-risk and countercyclical social housing rental activities.





Credit Rating: S&P Global Ratings

A (negative outlook)

2 November 2023

Regulator of Social Housing Governance Grading


15 November 2023

Regulator of Social Housing Viability Grading


15 November 2023

Regulatory judgement

This is the Regulator of Social Housing's view of how well we are meeting the Regulator of Social Housing's standards.

The strapline judgement shows that Stonewater meets both the governance and viability requirements and that we have the financial capacity to deal with a range of adverse scenarios.

Close-up of frosted glass door in Stonewater office, with Stonewater 'S' logo on the door

S&P Global Ratings report

Our credit rating is issued by the external credit rating agency S&P Global Ratings and is updated annually following a review with management.

Stonewater has a strong credit rating of “A”.

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