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We will sometimes need access to your home, for example, to complete a repair or service gas appliances.

Under your tenancy agreement, you must allow us reasonable access to your home - provided we have sent you notice in writing at least 24 hours before we require entry (notice is not required for emergencies).

If you try to prevent us from entering, we may take legal action to gain entry and charge you the cost of getting into your home.

Identity cards

All our employees and contractors carry an official identity card.

Before allowing anyone into your home, who claims to be a representative of Stonewater, please ask to see their identity card. If you are in any doubt about the identity of a caller do not let them in and call us immediately to confirm that they are who they say they are.

What to expect from our contractors

All contractors employed by us work within an agreed code of conduct when they are doing work in or around your home. They are required to conduct themselves in a professional and civil manner at all times and to protect your home using dust sheets and protective coverings.

Contractors must maintain confidentiality at all times, although they have an obligation to report to Stonewater any concerns they may have regarding the conduct of any resident or any issues surrounding child protection.

Report a repair

The easiest way to report a repair to us is via MyHome. You can access MyHome on the web or via the MyHome app.

Go to MyHome
Close-up of plumber's hands in gloves using wrench on under-sink pipe