Repair categories

Repairs are prioritised depending upon: the seriousness of the defect; the impact it will have on the household, and; the potential damage to the property.

Repairs are categorised as 'High Priority' or 'By Appointment'.

High Priority repairs

For repairs that could pose an immediate danger or cause serious damage, we will make sure that your home is safe and secure within four hours of you reporting it. For other high priority repairs we will make a temporary or permanent repair within 24 hours.

If a follow-on repair is required then our contractors will arrange a mutually convenient appointment with you.

Examples include:

  • Total failure of the electricity supply
  • Complete failure of heating or hot water to property occupied by elderly or vulnerable tenants
  • Major leaks which are uncontrollable and cannot be contained
  • Lighting to communal stairways and corridors if dangerous
  • Failure of a warden alarm or call system

By Appointment repairs

These are repairs which do not pose an immediate risk to health or safety.

Examples include:

  • Repairs to any communal facility such as door entry system
  • Kitchen repairs such as repairs to unit doors
  • Easing and adjusting windows
  • Minor plumbing work such as leaking overflows and repairs to taps