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If you are a leaseholder, please visit Stonewater Homes for information on repairs and maintenance.

If you rent your home, learn more about our repairs service, including our responsibilities and your responsibilities, in our repairs guide below. Or scroll down to find pages on different types of repairs.

Repairs guide

We work as hard as we can to get your repairs done as quickly as possible, and we understand that when something goes wrong, you just want it fixed.

In our customer repair guide, we cover how to report a repair, your responsibilities, what to expect when we carry out your repair, general home improvement, and much more. 

If you’d like this guide in PDF format, please get in touch.

Man in blue checked shirt and gloves using roller to paint a baby-blue wall

Which repairs are my responsibility?

There are some things in your home which are your responsibility to look after and if they need repairing, you’ll need to get them fixed.

For a full list of what you're responsible for in your home, take a look at this section of our repairs guide.

We have included some handy home improvement tips in our toolbox that might help if the repair is your responsibility.

Report a repair to us

The easiest way to report your repair is via MyHome. MyHome is available on the web and in the MyHome app.

MyHome is available 24/7 and might save you a bit of time if the phone lines are busy.

You can also contact us by phone or email. Visit our customer enquiries page to see our contact number.

If you need emergency repairs outside of our normal opening hours, our out-of-hours team can help.