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I rent my home

If you’re renting your home, it’s important that you understand your tenancy agreement. This is a legal document that sets out your responsibilities and ours.

This guide to your tenancy agreement explains your rights and obligations as a Stonewater customer, as well as our obligations to you as your landlord.

It also outlines obligations around repairs, paying rent, pets, anti-social behaviour and more.

For more information on renting you home, visit these pages:

I own my home

If you’ve bought a Stonewater home, you’ll either be a leaseholder or a freeholder.

You’ll have an individual agreement with us (either a ‘lease document’ or ‘transfer document’) which is unique to your property. It’s important you know the type of agreement you have with us, so you understand the services we’ll provide and your rights and responsibilities.

Visit Stonewater Homes, our dedicated site for homeowners, to find out more about your agreement with us.

Here you’ll also find information on repairs and maintenance, home improvements, and major works.