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Is my home suitable?

If you have additional needs and your Stonewater home is no longer suitable, then you should contact your local authority to find a new home.

You may need to find a new home if:

  • You’re under-occupying your home or your home is overcrowded
  • Your home isn’t affordable for you anymore
  • You live too far away from work or education to commute (more than an hour’s travel time)
  • You need to move to another area to care for someone or be cared for
  • You can no longer get in or out of your home or use stairs due to medical needs.

Find your local authority. It will be the same one that deals with your refuse collection and council tax.

Swapping home

If your Stonewater home is no longer suitable, you may be eligible for a mutual exchange. Mutual exchange allows you to swap properties with another Stonewater resident, a tenant of a local authority, or another housing association.

There are some conditions you'll need to meet before you can do a mutual exchange. To be eligible, you must:

  • not be on a starter tenancy
  • not have arrears on your account
  • and your tenancy agreement must allow swaps.

We’ll also need to inspect your current home - see our inspection checklist.

If mutual exchange is right for you, you can use HomeSwapper to advertise your home and view other homes that are available.

Please note - HomeSwapper is our only preferred mutual exchange method. We do not endorse any other third-party sites.

Read our mutual exchange guide to see all the steps involved in the process.

Ending your tenancy

If you’ve found somewhere else to live, you’ll need to end your tenancy with us.

You can end your tenancy at any time by giving us four weeks’ notice in writing by post or by emailing

Your notice period will start from the first Monday after your letter/email is received by us.

The last day of your tenancy will usually be the Sunday that is four weeks from this date, unless we agree otherwise.

During your notice period, we’ll be in touch to talk about your home and find out if there’s anything we need to be aware of.

See our FAQs on ending your tenancy.

Rehousing options and management move criteria

See the options you can consider for re-housing.

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