Health and safety at home

Find out how you can stay safe at home and what Stonewater’s responsibilities are to you as a customer.

Fire safety

smoke alarm

Find out how you can keep your family, friends and neighbours safe by preventing a fire in your home. 



We hold a register of all asbestos containing materials within our properties. Find out more.

Water safety


Learn how to prevent Legionella, a bacteria that can be found in water systems.

Gas safety

gas safety

See how to report gas leaks and find a registered Gas Safe engineer.

Damp, mould and condensation


Take a look at our guide to dealing with damp and mould and how to report it to us.

Electrical safety

electrical safety

It’s important that you look after your electrical appliances between our inspections.

Balcony, window and roof safety

balcony window roof safety

If you live in a tall building, falls from balconies or windows pose a significant risk, especially for children. 

External wall systems and cladding

external wall

Read about our cladding remediation programme and access an EWS1 form, if available.

Flood prevention


Find out what to do if your home is flooded and the steps you can take to protect your family and belongings.