How will you be keeping in touch with me?

We will keep in contact with you regularly to see how you are and talk about any concerns you might have.

We are asking our customers and staff to prioritise digital communication for this wherever possible, using email, text, telephone and video calls. If you feel you need to meet with a member of staff face-to-face, please contact support staff by telephone first to arrange this.

We will continue to support you through the agreed goals on your support plan. We will also be working closely with partners and agencies who provide help and support to you, to look at ways that we can support digital contact.

If you are self-isolating, we can provide equipment such as a microwave, kettle, food and sanitary products to support you.

We ask all customers and Stonewater colleagues to respect requests from others for them to wear a face covering if meeting face-to-face, unless exempt.