Retirement living customers

We know that Covid restrictions have meant that we’ve had to deliver services a little bit differently for you over the last two years.

Now the government has lifted restrictions, we wanted to update you on how we’ll continue to deliver services safely, without affecting the way you and your neighbours receive services and enjoy your community.

Communal areas

There’ll no longer be any restrictions/social distancing enforced in communal areas but we encourage you to respect each other’s wishes and maintain a safe distance if someone requests you to.

We’ll keep these areas clean, and make sure high contact points such as door handles and light switches are sanitised regularly.

Home visits

Our colleagues will visit you as normal and take sensible precautions to keep everyone safe. Anyone visiting will continue to wear a mask and clean their hands between visits.

To help us, we’d appreciate if you let us know in advance if anyone in your home has Covid symptoms or has tested positive for Covid. If a member of our team has tested positive for Covid or is experiencing Covid symptoms, but is well enough to work, they will be asked to work from home.

If you are continuing to limit your social contacts (or shield) we can continue to offer you support via phone, email and video call, if you feel more comfortable with that.


If someone in your home has Covid symptoms please tell us, so we can work out how to visit you in a Covid-safe way. If you’re vulnerable and need us to stay out of certain areas of your home, please let us know when you contact us.

External agencies and activities

We’ll ask all external partners who come in to deliver group activities and support services to wear a mask, sanitise their hands and not attend if they test positive for Covid or have Covid type symptoms.

We know that Covid hasn’t gone away, and you may still be worried about it. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact your local Stonewater colleagues.