Money matters

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  • Worried about money?
  • Having trouble paying your rent?
  • New to running a home?
  • Just started work?
  • Just finished work?

Whatever your situation these pages will help you find the right support and advice:

Paying your rent

How to pay your rent and what to do if you have problems with payment, plus how we set your rent.

Work and benefits

If you have had a change in circumstances this page contains useful information.

Changes to benefits

Understand how the benefit changes could affect you.


For budgeting tips and access to helpful tools and advice.

Running your home

For handy guides and access to advice on utility bills, council tax and more...

Banking and saving

Baffled by banks or confused with savings? This page will help you cut through the financial fog.

The Rental Exchange initiative

Make sure you are treated equally when it comes to applying for loans or buying goods and services.

Quick links

Visit this page for a list of links that will take you to all the support and advice websites mentioned on our money matter pages.