Housing services & Tenancy Services Officers (TSOs)

We know from our customers how important good management of estates services is. As we continue to work with you to improve these, we now have a digital solution to carry out the inspection of services provided by contractors. Any issues we find can be reported to them more quickly, which we can then follow up to make sure they are resolved.

Estates inspections

We carry out regular estates inspections to grade the performance of our contractors and to carry out general risk assessments. You may have noticed recent changes to the frequency of these inspections, which is based on the following factors:

  • The size of the scheme
  • The types of properties (estates with blocks of flats generally need more communal services than estates of houses)
  • Customer feedback since April 2016
  • The number of anti-social behaviour cases
  • Empty properties at a scheme

Inspections can be carried out weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or six-monthly based on the factors listed above. Frequencies will be reviewed if any of the above factors change.

Tenancy Services Officers

Your Tenancy Services Officer (TSO) is based in your community and will be your contact point for most services. You can find details of local TSOs below.