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From Summer 2024, housing associations like us will be required to publish regular updates about how we’re performing and where we need to improve to support you, our customers.

What are tenant satisfaction measures?

The Regulator of Social Housing has created a new way to assess how well social housing landlords like us are doing at providing good quality homes and services. This involves a set of tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs) that we must report on.

To prepare, we conducted two practice surveys with customers to help us better understand what matters most and to check that our existing improvement plans address the issues highlighted.

These consultations have helped us understand how best to collect customer feedback for the TSMs and has led us to commissioning an external organisation called TLF Research to carry out our surveys for us.

How do I take part?

From Monday 17 April 2023, TLF Research will begin selecting customers at random to take part in a survey.

If you receive contact from TLF Research, we’d really appreciate your time and honest experiences. The regulator has created these TSMs to help you understand how we’re doing in your area and what more we can do to improve, and we can't report on them without your help.

Surveys will continue throughout the year to ensure we gather enough responses to represent all our customers across the country.

Surveys will be carried out over the phone or online with the option of using a translator, paper copy or easy read version if preferred.

What happens next?

In Summer 2024 we’ll send the results to the Regulator of Social Housing and publish for our customers to see.

In Autumn 2024 the Regulator will publish the first year’s data from the Tenant Satisfaction Measures for all Social Housing Landlords.

The full list of tenant satisfaction measures and requirements from the Regulator can be found on this dedicated Government webpage.