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The Regulator of Social Housing has created a new way to assess how well social housing landlords, like us, are doing at providing good quality homes and services. This involves a set of tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs) that we must report on. The measures cover areas that matter to you, including repairs, complaints, and anti-social behaviour.  

There are 22 tenant satisfaction measures, with 12 of them coming from the answers our customers give us on our perception survey and 10 from information we collect on our performance.

Each of the TSMs fits into one of these five key themes: 

  • Keeping properties in good repair
  • Maintaining building safety
  • Respectful and helpful tenant engagement
  • Effective complaints handling
  • Responsible neighbourhood management. 

On this page, we’ll highlight some of the measures our customers have told us that they care about the most.

Read the full results

You can read the full results for the last financial year (April 2023 to March 2024) below. You can also read the results for your local area or your subsidiary.

Understanding the TSMs

How did you get this information?

We work with a company called TLF to collect survey results from our customers. Over the financial year (April 2023 to March 2024) they surveyed 3,378 Stonewater customers. Surveys were completed over the phone, online or on paper.

What will we do with what we've learned?

We look at these results together with other performance information such as the results of transactional surveys and mystery shopping to get an accurate picture of where we can learn from our success, and where we need to focus our energy on improving.   

Where can I find more information on Stonewater's performance?

We share our performance with you in lots of ways throughout the year, including through our quarterly customer commitments reports, complaints performance reports and annual review for customers.

Check out our Customer hubb for the latest performance information. 

How can I help Stonewater improve its services?

If you’re passionate about your community and want to help Stonewater to listen to customer views and make positive changes, why not join one of our customer groups?

You can find more information on our groups, what they do and how to get involved here 

Where can I get more information?

The full list of tenant satisfaction measures and requirements from the Regulator can be found on this dedicated Government webpage.

Overall customer satisfaction


We’re disappointed that our satisfaction score in this area hasn’t increased more but, during the last quarter, we’ve made some real progress with our customer services.

One of the things that customers told us they found frustrating was the time it takes for us to get back to you when you need us.

In 2023, we made a number of changes based on this feedback to help you get through to us faster and get your issued resolved in the most efficient way possible.

This included recruiting and training new members of staff for our customer services team and, after an initial bedding-in period, our call wait times have halved, with fewer customers getting in touch to complain about this issue. This has led to an increase in satisfaction scores between January and March 2024, and we’re keen to keep up the momentum.

We also launched MyRequests (available through MyHome) enabling customers quickly to request and be granted permission online for a number of typical requests. We also launched a data bank of frequently asked questions that can give you answers without having to call us. 

We know that customers tend to be less satisfied when they have an outstanding repair and we’re working closely with our contractors to improve communication and reduce the number of outstanding repairs.

This is also helping us tackle other issues related to customer satisfaction, such as grounds maintenance, which we know is extremely important to our customers. Work to improve our monitoring of our contractors’ performance has been ongoing for the past year, and we’ve launched a new reporting tool for customers, which makes it easier for customers to not only tell us about issues but also monitor the progress of their queries.

We’ve also been trialling new ways of working to improve our local presence and knowledge and ensure a more joined-up approach to resolving customer issues. Where we’ve trialled this, we have seen a good increase in satisfaction.

We are taking on other feedback that customers are telling us about our customer services, such as customers having to repeat themselves or colleagues not getting back to them. We’re investing in training and better resources to improve record-keeping and contact management to improve your experience.   


Feeling safe at home


The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority, and we can see from these scores that there is some improvement needed to make sure our customers feel safe in their home.

In the past year, we’ve refreshed all of the health and safety information on our website, making this available offline too. This has included updating information on the specific types of properties we have, such as those with balconies, as well as highlighting key steps customers can take to prevent accidents. 

We have also done an in-depth review of our fire safety information so that customers know not only how to prevent fires, but what to do in the event of one. During the past year, we have written to customers living in blocks of flats and high-rise buildings to update them with any changes to fire safety where they live. This has included telling them more about the defend-in-place or full evacuation policies that their building operates. 

Our building safety group, for customers living in high-rise schemes, is a chance for us to get feedback from customers about their concerns, priorities and how our decisions around health and safety are affecting them.

The group works closely with our Building Safety team, which is committed to delivering a quality, localised approach to ensuring each of our high-rise buildings meets the standards set out in the Building Safety Act. 


Listening and acting on customer views


It’s really important that you feel your views are heard and acted on. We provide lots of ways for you to tell us how you feel, from individual feedback surveys to engagement opportunities such as our Customer Scrutiny Panel and Customer hubb. Find out more about getting involved here.

We know that you want every interaction you have with Stonewater to have a positive outcome. We report regularly on what we’re learning from what customers tell us through complaints, engagement and general feedback so you know that what you tell us really makes a difference.

We’ve been doing lots of work to make sure that you can get help when you need it. We’ve increased capacity in our contact centre and significantly reduced our call waiting time.  


Looking after communal areas


When it comes to feeling happy and proud of where you live, we know your neighbourhood is just as important as your home. Our Customer Partners and Neighbourhood Partners frequently visit our areas to respond to customer reports and check everything is okay where you live. We’ve heard your feedback that you’d like to see Stonewater colleagues around more often and as mentioned earlier we’re trialling some new ways of working to make it easier for you to get issues resolved in your area. 

We know our estate services didn’t always meet the standards you’d expect last year, so we’ve been doing lots of work to improve this. This has included a clear action plan to make sure customers are clear on the service that they should receive, that our contractors have the information they need to deliver a good service, that we are better able to monitor quality and hold contractors to account where service is not at the required standard and that it is as easy as possible for customers to report issues and find out when the service is due. You can find more information about this here 




Customers who responded to the survey told us that, sometimes, it takes too long for repairs to be completed.

We’ve seen a significant increase in repairs reported in the last year, and we’ve not always kept up with the demand. We’re really committed to fixing this for our customers and we’re working closely with our contracting partners to reduce the number of outstanding repairs and make sure we can deliver repairs within our agreed timelines and to the quality you expect.

An important part of this is communication – we know our customers want to know when we’re attending and what we’ll be doing, and we’re working to improve the information you receive when you book a repair. We’ve worked with our contracting partners to appoint Customer Liaison Officers, who investigate why jobs are not being completed, and keep customers updated. 

Survey and statement of approach

Below you can read the customer survey and our statement of approach for these tenant satisfaction measures.