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What are estate services?

We know that keeping your community a clean and tidy place to live is important to you, which is why, in some areas, we employ contractors to help. 

Contractors help with work such as:

  • Cleaning in internal and external communal areas
  • Leaf and litter collection
  • Removing low-level fly tipping
  • General caretaking jobs, such as changing communal light bulbs
  • Grounds maintenance, such as grass cutting
  • Hedge and shrub maintenance 

You can take a look at the type of work we do and when in this guide to our estate services.
If you do receive any of these services, then you’ll pay to help us cover these costs. Legally we’re not allowed to make any money from these charges, and whatever you pay will be calculated based on the services you receive. 

To help keep your service charges fair and as low as possible, the service we provide to you is designed to help maintain the area you live in and not to provide specialist services such as gardening. 

You can search for your grounds maintenance schedule on our Customer Hubb. 

I'm not happy with the services I've received

Our photobook shows how we judge the standards of cleaning and grounds maintenance on your estate, with examples of what good and bad looks like. 

If you’re not happy with the services you’re receiving, then you can let us know and we’ll look into it for you.

Please fill out this form to give us all the information we need to report the issue to one of our contractors, if appropriate.

This is now the quickest way to report these issues to us.

How do we choose which contractors we work with?

We go through a rigorous procurement process to appoint contractors who can provide the services we expect. This is different based on where you live, but we work closely with all of our contractors to make sure we’re doing what we say we will. 

This includes our contractors logging photos of their work via an online portal so that we can check it after every visit. If you feel like you’re not receiving the services that you pay for, then we’ll listen to you and feed this back directly to the contractors. 

Map of estate services | Who delivers my estate services
Who delivers my grounds maintenance services?

Want to help us improve your community?

Our Community Champions are a team of volunteer customers who act as our eyes and ears on the ground, letting us know about any issues where they live so that we can work together to put them right. 

Find out more about our Community Champions and how to get involved.

Group shot of community champions stood up holding gardening equipment