Electrical safety

Stonewater carries out electrical safety inspections on its homes at least once every five years to keep our customers safe - and we recommend that leaseholders and shared owners do the same. 

Our responsibilities

The five-yearly inspection is required to make sure your mains electrical system is safe to use. 

If you rent your home from us, our contractor will write to you before your electrical inspection is due to arrange an appointment to complete the inspection before your electrical safety certificate expires.  

This ensures that we always have an up-to-date electrical certificate for your home and can comply with our duties under the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020. 

Our contractors will do their best to make an appointment at a time and date that suits you, and if you don’t think you can make your appointment, get in touch so that we can re-arrange it for you. 

If we’re unable to get into your home to carry out these important checks, we may seek legal action so that we can get in and make sure you and your neighbours are safe. If this happens, you may be liable for these costs. 

Your responsibilities

If you have any questions or concerns about electrical safety in your home, please contact us.
It’s important that you look after your electrical equipment and appliances between these inspections – just because something works doesn't mean it's safe. To make sure your home is safe:

  • you should inspect electrical fittings and equipment to make sure they're in good condition.
  • always be conscious not to overload your sockets.
  • don’t carry out your own electrical repairs. If you think a socket in your property or an electrical supply in a communal area is damaged or faulty, you can report this to us and we’ll book a repair for you.  

If you're a leaseholder or shared owner you will need to arrange for an electrician to attend. Remember, all electrical work or repairs must always be done by an NICEIC-registered electrician.  

Power cuts

If you think that you might struggle in the event of a power cut, you can talk to the UK Power Networks about the Priority Services Register.  
The priority services register supports customers who need extra help due to mobility issues, vision or hearing impairments, or because they are older or unwell.  
You can find out more and sign up by visiting UK Power Networks. If there is a power cut, call freephone 105 for help and advice (available 24 hours a day). 

More information

Learn more about electrical safety, including product recalls and how to register your appliances.

Find an engineer

Find an engineer registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting.