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We understand that your time is precious and sometimes we might send you involvement opportunities that you may not have an interest in.

To keep things really simple and easy, we have created some specialist, online groups. These groups are dedicated to those customers who have a serious interest in a specific topic.

What are the benefits?

Joining one of these groups means that you will be more involved than others, as this is where we’ll actively seek feedback about potential changes to services we may implement. So, not only will you be ‘in the know’, you can also influence what we do.

What groups can I join?

We currently have an Estates Services group, which has been a really important part of shaping our future estate services offering. 

We also have the Friends of Scrutiny group. This group is a sounding board to obtain customer views and comments which will feed into Scrutiny Panel service reviews and planning sessions, which encourage wider feedback. This group helps with reading through the information we provide to make sure it is user friendly, and can help answer questions for the Customer Scrutiny Panel when they’re conducting a review.

Our Disability groups, for those with mobility issues, hearing impairments, neurological impairments or sight impairments, help with advising us on how we can best involve and consult both disabled and able-bodied customers on issues affecting customers with a disability or impairment, or their carers. We can listen to these customer views before wider consultations begin.

Our Ageing Well Board explores ways we can support customers to stay active, independent and happy in their own home for longer. It's a place for customers to share their lived experiences to help shape the way we do things and work on projects in partnership with colleagues. We’re aiming to co-create an ageing well strategy that will enhance the quality of life of people as they age, helping to connect communities and improve community wellbeing. Going forward, we'll provide regular updates for customers about the work we’re doing. We’ll also share vacancies when they’re available, so watch this space!

We’re working with residents and staff to build more online groups using Yammer. If you’re interested in joining any or want to chat about what else we have to offer, get in touch by filling in the form below. A member of the customer involvement team will be in touch within five working days.

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