Frequently asked questions regarding asbestos

  1. I’ve had a letter about an asbestos survey – why are Stonewater carrying out this survey?
    Although asbestos is safe when managed correctly, we need to make sure we have a record of every home that contains asbestos. We also need to ensure that you home is safe and that it is safe to carry out repairs and maintenance, such as DIY, in your home.
    When we have completed the survey, we will write to you if we have found any asbestos in your home.
  2. Does my property contain asbestos?
    Not necessarily, but we need to check as homes built before 2000 in the UK may contain some asbestos. We are taking the approach that there may be some asbestos present in your home until we know otherwise. There might not be any at all, but we need to be sure.
  3. If there is asbestos in my home, is this a health risk?
    No. It’s only a risk if your home is in poor condition, or if you are actually working near it. This is why you must check with us before you do any DIY in your home.
  4. My shed roof/garage roof, etc. contains asbestos – can I use it?
    Yes, they are safe. Unless the roof panels are damaged, the asbestos will be safely contained inside the roof panels.
  5. Part of my house that might contain asbestos is damaged (eg, a bath panel, rainwater pipe). What are Stonewater going to do about it?
    We will arrange for it to be inspected to check whether it contains asbestos. If so, we will then assess whether there is any risk associated with it. If there is a risk, we will replace or repair it.
  6. A contractor has stopped a repair to home because of asbestos, what happens next?
    We will arrange for our specialist contractor to visit you urgently and assess the condition of the asbestos.
  7. Are customers safe to carry out DIY work in their home?
    Not if the area they’re intending to work on could potentially contain asbestos. Please ask customers to contact us on 01202 319199 for more information.
  8. A customer has worked on their home recently, and it contains asbestos. Does this mean I’m at risk?
    The risk from carrying out minor repairs for a short duration is minimal. However, we advise to not carry out any further work on items that contain asbestos.
  9. A customer has exposed asbestos as a result of DIY, what should they do?
    We will arrange for our specialist contractor to come out and assist as soon as possible.
  10. What are we going to do to get rid of the asbestos from our customers’ home?
    If asbestos is not damaged or disturbed, the safest thing to do is to leave it where it is. If there is some damaged asbestos in a home, we will immediately send our specialist to assess the risk, before deciding the best way to deal with it.
  11. Will customers need to move out of their property if asbestos needs to be removed? Can asbestos cause damage to their property?
    This will depend upon the type of asbestos material, its condition and its location. Most work can be undertaken without the need for customers to move out, but this will be discussed in advance. If customers need to move out either during the day, or overnight, we will agree suitable arrangements beforehand.
    Any damage resulting from the asbestos work will be replaced. If decorative finishes are damaged, we will discuss this with the customer and agree what to do before starting work.
  12. Why was asbestos not checked or found sooner?
    There is no obligation for Stonewater to survey for asbestos within our homes (unless relevant to specific work being done). However, having reviewed our procedures, we have decided to reassure and keep our customers safe by undertaking specialist surveys to all our properties built prior to 2000. When these are completed, we will write to our customers with the results of the surveys.

For more information about asbestos, visit our asbestos web page.