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We can all play a part in improving the appearance of our neighbourhoods and building communities that everyone can be proud of.

You can read information on rubbish, parking, pests and gardens on this page – or visit MyHome for more advice and support.

You can also use the Customer hubb to share feedback and join in conversations with your neighbours. By letting us know what matters to you in your local area, we can work together to resolve issues.

Two residents gardening, looking over a small vegetable patch with green netting over it

Community Champions

We also have an active network of Community Champions who work collaboratively with us to shape our services and report community-wide concerns such as fly tipping and parking.

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How to look after your neighbourhood

Rubbish and bins

We know that getting rid of unwanted items can be difficult. When rubbish is dumped in our neighbourhoods, it is unsightly and a health risk.  

Information on your bin collection day/s and recycling information can be found through your local authority’s website

If you are looking to get rid of white goods (e.g. fridge, freezer etc) or metal, a local scrap metal dealer might be able to help. They will usually take the items away free of charge. Check on the Government website whether a scrap metal dealer is licensed to dispose of your metal waste safely and responsibly. 


Waste or rubbish can attract pests, such as rats and mice. This can quickly become a very big problem. 

Here are some quick tips to help prevent pests where you live: 

  • Make sure there are no full bin bags outside the bin, on the pavement or on the floor of the bin store 
  • Try not to let bins overflow 
  • Make sure the right kinds of waste are in the right bins 
  • Don’t leave rubbish in front, back and communal gardens 

For more information on preventing and dealing with specific pests (including moths, fleas and wasps), read our pest management guide.

If you notice pests in the communal areas where you live (e.g. bin stores or hallways), please get in touch with us.

If the pests are in your personal garden or property, it’s most likely you will need to arrange to get them removed yourself using a licensed pest control company or your local council’s team.

If you are worried that pests are getting into your home because there is a repair or structural issue, please let us know as soon as possible so we can investigate and support you.

Your garden

If you have a lot of garden waste or unwanted items to get rid of, check your local authority guidelines to see what can and can't be collected. 

You can find more information on looking after your garden and help available on the Neighbourhoods FAQ pages in MyHome

If you have any top tips, why not share them on our  Customer hubb? Just login or sign-up and join in the conversation. 


Stonewater is responsible for the maintenance of trees in communal areas on schemes. Trees in customers' individual gardens are their responsibility to maintain. 

We have a routine maintenance programme for our trees, however if you notice a tree that is diseased, dying, dangerous or causing a nuisance, please let us know about it. 

If you are planning to have work carried out on trees which are your responsibility, please ensure that the contractor is suitably trained, licensed and insured. 

Do get in touch if you are concerned about getting work done on trees as we may be able to support you. 


Here is some advice on how to deal with the most common parking issues:

Parking permits

You’ll need to directly request the majority of new or replacement parking permits online from the parking management provider where you live. You’ll normally be able to find this out from the signs in your parking area. Our Customer Service Centre can let you know which parking management company provides the parking permits in your area if you aren’t sure.  

Parking a van, boat or caravan

View our permissions page to see whether you can park a van, boat or caravan on your drive. 

Parking space lines

If the lines marking your parking space are faded or worn away, please contact us with photo evidence (if possible) and explain the impact this is having on the parking where you live.    

Abandoned, nuisance or inconsiderate parking

If you know who owns the car and you feel able to talk to them direct, that will be the easiest way to resolve the issue. If not, and the car is parked on a public road, unfortunately Stonewater can’t do anything but the police or your local council highways team may be able to help. 

If the vehicle is dangerous, on Stonewater property and you do not know the owner, please find out if the vehicle is taxed and roadworthy before contacting us. When contacting us, if possible, please include the registration number, make, model and location of vehicle.  

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