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What is a Fire Action Plan?

All new customers moving into a block of flats are given a copy of the fire evacuation strategy for their new home at the start of their tenancy. This is sometimes called a Fire Action Plan.  
This plan tells you what to do if there is a fire in your home or other part of the building. It is important you read it carefully and understand it. If you have queries or concerns, you can contact us at
If you, someone you live with or a neighbour might find it difficult to escape in an emergency, please contact our Customer Service Centre and request a Person Centred Risk Assessment (PCRA) to be completed. 

Fire action notices can be found on the ground floor and near lifts in all blocks, which provide information on what to do in the event of a fire in your building. 

Know your plan

Living in a block of flats

In line with national guidance, all purpose-built blocks of flats operate a stay put if safe policy. If this changes, we’ll let you know in writing and provide a copy of the new guidance for their home.

For more information, visit London Fire Brigade and watch their stay put advice video. Purpose built flat or maisonette | London Fire Brigade (

Living in a house converted to flats

Flat conversion or converted street properties have a different fire evacuation procedure to purpose-built blocks of flats.

This is because the structure of the building is unable to prevent fire spreading between flats like purpose-built blocks are.

The fire action plan for all converted properties is full evacuation. This means if there is a fire in your home or another part of the building you should leave immediately, call 999 and stay out. 

Retirement living

As with purpose-built blocks of flats, retirement living, or specialised housing accommodation, is designed and constructed to prevent fires from spreading internally. 

The evacuation plan for retirement living scheme is stay put if safe, unless residents have been informed otherwise.

Customers with mobility issues

If you or someone in your household might find it difficult to leave your home in an emergency, or you’re concerned about a vulnerable neighbour, email us at

One of our team will arrange to visit you at home to talk about your concerns. 

We may arrange for a follow up visit with one of our Fire Risk Advisors, to talk about how we can work with you to keep you safe.

Elderly customer stood smiling in her kitchen