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What is a petition?

If you and your neighbours would like us to consider a request where you live, you can get in touch in all the normal ways. But we understand that sometimes, you might want to submit a petition.

A petition is signed by a group of customers and can be used to request something that will benefit people in your local area. 

In order to meet our criteria, a petition must have at least 10 signatures, or be signed by 50% of people in your scheme, whichever is lower. 

If you've got a request that doesn't meet this criteria, you can still make it as a regular service request by contacting us

How to submit a petition

To process your petition, we’ll need:

  • The name of the person who’s happy to be the main point of contact for the petition. This person will be appointed as the “lead petitioner”
  • The address of the lead petitioner
  • Preferred contact details of the lead petitioner
  • The name of the scheme the petition is about
  • A copy of the petition with a clear covering letter and the signatures and addresses of anyone who’s signed

If you’ve got all that information ready and you’d like to submit a petition, please fill out the form below.