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What are customer influence groups?

We understand that your time is precious, so we provide ways to influence our services no matter how much time you’ve got to spare.

Our customer influence groups are for customers with interests in specific topic. You can find some of our groups below.

Some meet regularly, and other groups are better suited to customers who’d like to help us review things on an ad hoc basis.

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What groups can I join?

Here are just some of the influence groups you can join.

Friends of Scrutiny

Our Friends of Scrutiny group is a sounding board and editorial panel. They share their views, give us feedback on policies and new customer communications and also feed into Scrutiny Panel reviews. This group helps with reading through the information we provide to make sure it is user friendly.

Inclusion group

The way we experience services is shaped by many things, including the limitations of our bodies, mental and physical health. Understanding just how important it is to hear customer voices and a range of different perspectives, we created our customer inclusion group to ensure the services we provide are the best they can be.

The inclusion group is safe place for customers with a disability, impairment or long term health condition or their families to give feedback on the services we deliver in a flexible way.

Ageing Well Board

Our Ageing Well Board explores ways we can support customers aged 55+ to stay active, independent and happy in their own home for longer. It's a place for customers to share their lived experiences to help shape the way we do things and work on projects in partnership with colleagues. We’re aiming to co-create an ageing well strategy that will enhance the quality of life of people as they age, helping to connect communities and improve community wellbeing. 


Customer Complaint Learning Panel

Learning from Customer Complaints is central to our approach to improving our services and the Customer Complaint Learning Panel (CCLP) ensures that customers are part that improvement journey.

The CCLP ensures our approach to complaints and service improvement is not only steered by the complaints we receive, performance data and customer feedback, but it puts customers at the centre of co-creating a positive complaint handling culture within Stonewater.

The CCLP is made up of up to 12 Stonewater customers who work hand-in-hand with the Customer Relations team and other Stonewater colleagues to understand the ways in which Stonewater’s services can be improved by learning from complaints.

Interested in joining a group?

We also have subject-based panels that run at different times throughout the year on topics that matter to customers such as service charges, grounds maintenance and financial support.

If you’d like to hear more about any of the groups you’ve seen on this page, or other ways to get involved, fill in the form below.

A member of the Customer Engagement team will be in touch within five working days.

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