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The research, which was funded by the Longleigh Foundation, was undertaken by the University of Stirling in partnership with Stonewater to explore how technology can maximise opportunities to support residents to live well and safely, including when they develop conditions such as dementia. 

What did we do?

Our initial scoping review looked at the existing research around assistive and mainstream technology and explored co-production as an approach to involving older people effectively. 

The co-production approach involved Stonewater residents, family members, staff and other stakeholders to examine how technology can be identified, adopted and used in a person-centred fashion. Watch an earlier project update to see how fieldwork was conducted.

The project worked across three of Stonewater’s retirement living schemes over 18 months. See the findings below. 

INVITE project report

Read the full report from the INVITE project.

The findings will be used to develop good practice guidance for implementation of technology-enabled support that emphasises equality, inclusive design and linking people together within inclusive environments.

You can also read a summary of the findings.

Older resident sat on chair using magnifying glass with light to read her book

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News and views

October 2022 - HAPPI Hour event

Watch the HAPPI Hour event, hosted by the Housing Learning and Improvement Network. Hear from Emma Tobin, Head of Wellbeing at Stonewater, and Dr Vikki McCall, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Housing, University of Stirling, as they discuss the findings.

August 2022 - Reflecting on the INVITE project – how can assistive technology really make an impact?

Helena Doyle, Stonewater, and Vikki McCall, University of Stirling, have written a blog to share their learnings and reflections from the project. 

Read the blog.

August 2021 - On the Air podcast: The INVITE project episode

In this episode guest host Dr Vikki McCall talks about what we've learned from the INVITE project. She's joined by guests Lisa Lembergs (Stonewater), Dr Grant Gibson (Lecturer in Dementia Studies and Co-Investigator, University of Stirling), Dr Steve Rolfe (Research Fellow from University of Stirling), and Pat Harvey (Stonewater customer).

Listen to the podcast.