Frequently asked questions regarding the stock condition survey

What is the stock condition survey?
Our stock condition survey is a three year programme to assess the main internal and external parts of your home, including the kitchen, windows, roof covers etc, which tells us when they are likely to need replacing. As part of the survey, we are also gathering information on energy efficiency within your home (e.g. wall and loft insulation) and conducting an asbestos management survey on homes built before 2000.

Why are we doing it?
Condition surveys help us plan what components need replacing and when. This ensures you’re home is maintained at the right time and that we have the funds in place to successfully carry out any replacements.

The energy data collected will enable us to target the homes that need the most help in improving their efficiency, saving you money on your heating bills as well as benefiting the environment.

Conducting asbestos surveys on a national scale will allow us to understand where this material may be present and to manage it effectively.

What types of properties are being surveyed?
We plan to survey all our rented homes and communal areas over the next three to four years, including the leasehold and shared ownership schemes which we manage.

What does it involve?
We will write to you outlining the dates when Savills, our external surveying partner, will visit the local area. You do not have to wait in during this time, but if you are at home when the surveyor visits you should allow them access. Usually, only one surveyor will conduct the survey, and they will be wearing a Savills ID badge and have a letter of authority from Stonewater.

While in the home, the surveyor may ask to: look in the loft space, lift corners of the carpet and take small scrapings for testing from certain materials, such as Artex coated ceilings.

How will we manage the surveys of homes where vulnerable people etc. live?
Savills’ surveyors will be made aware of any vulnerabilities recorded against all occupants of a household before they attend, and may attend in pairs where necessary. Every care will be taken to ensure our supported schemes are contacted in advance so that staff are prepared for the visit.

What if it’s not possible for me to allow access to my home?
If the surveyor is unable to gain access, they will post a card with a telephone number explaining that they have called and that you need to arrange an alternative appointment. Should we not hear from you, we may ask your local housing officer to make contact to ensure access is allowed for the survey. Savills will do all they can to rearrange the survey for a date that is mutually convenient for you.

How long will the survey take?
We estimate that the survey should take no longer than one hour to complete. It will take less time to conduct if your home was built after 2000.

Which schemes will be surveyed first?
In the first year we aim to survey all our supported schemes first. Retirement Living schemes will follow.

What is the survey schedule?
The current schedule for survey visits is shown below:

Type of property

Survey date

Supported HousingOctober 2018 – March 2019
Retirement Living schemesOctober 2018 – March 2020
Leasehold Retirement Living schemesApril 2019 – March 2020
General Needs and managed blocksOctober 2018 – March 2022

Can the surveyor help with other issues while in my home?
The surveyor is unable to discuss any day-to-day repair issues during their visit as they have been appointed specifically to carry out the survey. Any repairs and maintenance issues should be reported in the usual manner: either via our website at or by telephone on 01202 319119.

When will the results of the survey be known?
As this is a nationwide survey, it will take many years to provide the full details of the survey. However, when home repair renewal decisions are made in the future, we will be able write to inform you at the beginning of the financial year.

Where can I find more information about the asbestos survey?
You can find our more about the asbestos survey by visiting our asbestos FAQ page.

Who can I contact for more information about the stock condition survey?
If you have any questions about this survey please contact us.