Privacy and security measures

Can I install CCTV on my property?

If CCTV is covering your own property for safety and not overlooking anyone of your neighbours' gardens or homes then you are allowed to have it installed.

To check that your CCTV is within the legal parameters, get in touch with your local Police Community Support Officer and ask them to check for you. Please note that if you break any of the guidelines, we will ask you to remove the CCTV.

If you are installing CCTV because you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, please get in touch with us so that we can help.

Can I fit a video doorbell?

You can fit a video doorbell if it only views your property/land and is not overlooking any of your neighbours’ gardens, homes or any communal area.

You will need to be careful as many video doorbells have a reach of 9m+ and so are likely break these guidelines. Please consider the reach of different products before you install one. If any of the guidelines are not met, we will need to ask you to remove the doorbell.

Can I put a lock on a communal gate?

You can put a lock on a communal gate as long as you:

  • Liaise with all your neighbours who use the gate first and everyone is in agreement
  • Use a lock with a code so that we can still have access
  • Ensure bin men have access

Please note that if the above steps are not met, we will need to remove the lock. You will also need to contact us to tell us of the code for the new lock.