Service charges

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What is a service charge?

A service charge is the amount you pay (if applicable) for the delivery of services in communal areas.  This may include things like cleaning, lighting, secure door entry, grounds maintenance, and the cost of managing these.  

For some customers, it might also include things like heating inside your home, if you do not have an individual supply and the cost for the whole scheme is apportioned equally across everyone in your block or scheme.

If you live in a flat, for example, then the cost of maintaining any shared areas, such as corridors, stairs, or a shared garden will be covered by service charges.

The amount charged depends on the services provided to your home and wider scheme. 

For leaseholders and shared owners, the service charge also includes the cost of building insurance.  

The video below explains what a service charge is:

Your service charges

Guide to service charges for leaseholders

preview guide for leaseholders

If you are a leaseholder, this information will give you a general idea of service charges for your home.

Guide to service charges - leaseholders

Guide to service charges for people who rent their home

preview guide for renters

If you are a tenant, this information will give you a general idea of service charges for your home. 

Guide to service charges - renters

Grounds maintenance and cleaning

preview of estates services photobook

If you live in an area with communal spaces, you might pay for grounds maintenance and cleaning through your service charges.

This short photo guide shows the standards you can expect when our contracting partners deliver these services.

Estate services photobook

Further information and support

For information on your rent, including how we review it and how you can get help if you need it, check out our Guide to rent and service charges.