How we decide how much rent you pay

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Your rent

Rent is the money that you pay to us for the cost of providing, managing, maintaining and improving your home.

Your Service Charge

Some of our customers pay a service charge in addition to the rent they pay. Your tenancy agreement will state if this applies to you. A service charge is a payment towards the costs of services for the scheme or property where you live. Typical charges may include the cleaning, lighting and grounds maintenance of communal areas.

Your Support Payment

This is only applicable to those tenants who receive a support service that is based on their individual needs.

How we set the rent for your home

The Government sets out how we have to calculate our rent. This is to ensure that rents for all social landlords are worked out in the same way.

A social housing rent is based on the size, value and the average income of people living in the area.

Affordable rents are based on the open market rent levels in the area discounted by 20%.

How we set other charges such as service charges or support charges

All other charges are based on how much we know or estimate it will reasonably cost to run services at your property, and / or if in receipt of, the support service tailored to meet your individual needs.

Rent Review 2019-20

In 2015 the Government announced that housing associations must reduce social housing and affordable rents by 1% for 4 years.

There are some tenures which are not included in the governments 1% regulation:

  • Keyworker
  • Intermediate Rent
  • Market Rent
  • Shared Ownership

Keyworker, Intermediate and Market Rent tenancies will have an increase of 3.4% in line with regulatory requirements.

Service Charges are not affected by the 1% reduction of social rents. Although some customers may have a 1% reduction in their rent they may not see a reduction in the total charge once service charges have been reviewed.
Not all of our customers have an April rent review date but we have taken the decision to reduce net rents for every customer from the 1st April. This means everyone benefits from the lower rents at the earliest opportunity.

Customers with service charges, who in the past have not had their rent and service charge reviewed in April, will have their service charge reviewed separately.

What do I do if I think the rent or any other charges are wrong?

If you think we have made an error in our calculations, please contact us. We will check your charges and put it right if we have made a mistake.