Moving, swapping or leaving your home

If you need to move from your Stonewater home to another home, you can do this by a transfer, by swapping your home and then when you've found a move, by ending your tenancy. 

Home swap (also called a mutual exchange) – allows you to exchange properties with another Stonewater resident, a tenant of a local authority or another housing association.

We provide access for all Stonewater residents to use HomeSwapper , which allows you to advertise your home and view homes available for Exchange. 

Please note: HomeSwapper is our only preferred mutual exchange method, we do not endorse any other third party sites

There are some conditions to undertaking a mutual exchange.  If you wish to swap your home, you must contact your Housing Officer and they will explain these.

If you'd like to swap with a tenant who is not a Stonewater tenant, both landlords must agree to the exchange taking place.

For more information, take a look at our mutual exchange fact sheet.

​If you've found somewhere else to live you will need to end your tenancy with us. please see our FAQ sheet at the bottom of this page.

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