What type of home can I apply for?

Orchid Acre Close in Somerset

This will depend on your household need and your family’s circumstances.

Stonewater always try to make sure our homes are let to best meet your need as well as that of others searching for a place to call home. We do this in connection with Local Authorities across the country via a process of Choice Based Lettings (CBL schemes).

We let our homes in line with the bedroom standard which has been set by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). We allow customers to under occupy their homes by up to one bedroom, just make sure you can afford the extra rent this could incur.

Extra bedrooms may be given to those with additional needs, for example those with medical needs, live in carers and/or foster children.

Depending on the property, we may restrict who can apply to live there. These can include when we have:

  • A local lettings plan (LLP) – these are put in place to help us to create a balanced community where people want to live and more importantly, stay
  • Age restrictions – some of our homes are designed specifically to certain age groups for example, over 55s