Supporting young people to fly high

Many of our Stonewater employees wear different hats outside of their working hours.

Jade Waring

This isn’t because they need to, but because they want to and for colleagues like Jade Waring, it’s because they have many interests that they’re genuinely passionate about.

Jade has been a member of the Royal Air Force (RAF) Air Cadets for 14 years. Initially joining as a cadet, Jade was able to achieve a number of things that she never imagined she could do at such a young age; including flying an aircraft, attending a Queens Garden Party and having lunch with the Queens Colour Squadron at St James’ Palace.

Having qualified for the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer and becoming a Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer by the age of 20, Jade is now a Flight Lieutenant and the Commanding Officer for a squadron of 70 cadets in Nottingham.

Volunteering for the RAF Air Cadets was something Jade always wanted to do. Grateful for the life lessons being a cadet had taught her, Jade wanted to continue showing her support and share what she had learned with the next generation of cadets.

In addition to parading with the squadron twice a week, Jade’s role primarily focuses on teaching cadets’ various skills, including leadership, first aid and good citizenship, which can assist them in everyday life.

At Stonewater, Jade works as a Systems and Data Manager. While this role is somewhat different to what she does for the RAF Air Cadets, both have widened and complemented her skillset greatly. In fact, Jade is confident that she is able to efficiently deal with difficult situations, solve problems and remain calm under pressure in her day-to-day work because of her experience in the RAF Air Cadets.

Jade enjoys giving back to her local community and working with young people to assisting them in preparing for their future adventures whether that be in service or education. Her work as a volunteer has been recognised many times and she has even been shortlisted in the outstanding contribution category for the Women in Defence UK Awards 2019.

This is just one outstanding story of the incredible volunteering some of our colleagues do.