Getting young dreams off the ground

Every day, colleagues like Sarah Leahy are inspiring change beyond Stonewater’s walls.

Sair Leahy

Sarah has volunteered as a mentor for The Princes Trust for seven years. The not-for-profit organisation offers support to people across the UK, aged between 18 and 30, who are either looking for work or planning to start their own business.

Working as a learning and development advisor at Stonewater, day-to-day Sarah supports the creation and delivery of high-performing, learning culture initiatives across the organisation. A part of this role includes individual coaching to Stonewater’s colleagues, which complements her voluntary work as a mentor.

Having initially delivered a course for The Princes Trust, members of the Trust asked Sarah if she’d be interested in becoming a mentor given her friendly and approachable attitude. Believing that everyone in this world deserves a fair chance at life, which not everyone is given because of unfortunate circumstances or their background, Sarah volunteered for the role in hopes of being able to make a positive difference.

Whether it’s helping to set goals or support her mentees on completing learning modules provided by the Trust, Sarah enjoys being able to play a part in equipping people with the skills to achieve their aspirations.

As a volunteer, Sarah offers whatever time she can spare to the organisation. Stonewater colleagues benefit from flexible working hours and so Sarah doesn’t need to worry about either work or volunteering conflicting with one another.

Much of the contact with her mentees is done online or over the phone but she tries to establish a face-to-face relationship by arranging monthly meet-ups when possible.

Mentors like Sarah are partnered with their mentees for roughly six months. Having volunteered for the organisation for nearly a decade, Sarah has supported young people and their dreams across a wide variety of areas. In fact, one of the young people she’s supported has gone on to become an actor – recently appearing in a television commercial.

This is just one outstanding story of the incredible volunteering some of our colleagues do.