Value for money

We recognise that obtaining Value for Money (VfM) is a fundamental principle, it lies at the heart of our policies, procedures and plans for the future. We deliver quality housing and services to customers by working with our stakeholders in innovative, cost effective ways.

At Stonewater, we always seek Value for Money, reducing our costs without compromising quality in:

Stonewater’s current vision for VfM is a holistic and customer-focused one that will:

“Deliver quality services to our customers and work with our stakeholders in a way that is innovative, cost effective and maximises the return on our investments”.

Our five VfM principles - Our Strategic Plan 2016/ 2021 sets out five tests to be applied to our activity in the future to ensure that we remain financially robust:

  • doing the right things
  • doing things economically
  • maximising the return from our staff
  • maximising the return from our assets
  • achieving outcomes that are right and sustainable

By constantly fine-tuning our housing and services and benchmarking progress, we can identify improvements at every opportunity.

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