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What is the Greenoak Centre of Excellence?

The Greenoak Centre of Excellence is a collaborative thought leadership initiative from Stonewater and Greenoak Housing Association.

Together, we want to identify and highlight the most effective routes for the housing sector to achieving a zero-carbon future.

The global climate emergency requires rapid and effective changes. For the housing sector, this includes decarbonisation across all activities and adaption of our homes to provide safe, comfortable and affordable places to live now and into the future.

By engaging and learning from others in the sector, we can uncover the best practices and sustainable measures that really work for our customers, our businesses, and our planet.

How does it work?

The Centre of Excellence will host events to discuss strategic, technical, and other pressing issues with partners, stakeholders, and fellow housing associations.

We will highlight exemplar projects within the sector, publish findings from our own research, and contribute to the debate about the quickest, most effective routes to net zero.

Launching the Centre of Excellence

Stonewater and Greenoak launched the Centre of Excellence with an event in Surrey on 29 November 2023, bringing together Stonewater partners, contractors, consultants, and senior colleagues from across the housing sector to discuss the net zero challenges and opportunities ahead for the housing sector.

We also explored possible decarbonisation solutions for both new and existing homes and looked beyond buildings to wider sustainability issues.

More information

For more information about the Greenoak Centre of Excellence, please contact