Our Vision 2019-24

Everything we do is driven by our vision for everyone to have the opportunity to have a place that they can call home.

To help ensure we achieve our vision, we have updated our priorities for 2019-24, which are captured in nine strategic objectives. They have been shaped in response to the current operating environment for housing, the opportunities available to us, and the challenges we face.

Our strategic objectives are set out under three key themes:

Customer Experience

Our focus is on putting the customer first, ensuring we not only meet but anticipate customers' expectations. Our aim is to excel in customer service, and and listen to our customers' feedback so we can use this to help shape our services.

Growth and Influence

We are committed to delivering new homes across a range of tenures to help address the housing crisis, and we will build at least 6,250 new homes by March 2024. Our size and financial strength enables us to be a leading voice in the sector, and influence national and local agendas in support of our vision.

Business Excellence

We are committed to being a high-performing and efficient organisation so we can provide better services for customers and deliver new affordable homes. We ensure our people are engaged, developed and equipped to achieve our goals.

Our Vision 2019-24