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Our Strategic Plan outlines our three strategic objectives.

These have been shaped in response to the current operating environment for housing, the opportunities available to us, and the challenges we face.

By 2030, we will deliver our three strategic objectives:

Customer-centred services

We will provide customer-centred services that are proactive and efficient, and that help us to retain and attract customers.

This means being a customer-led business, developing a trusting relationship with our customers and communities, getting things right first time and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Quality homes and neighbourhoods

We will supply, manage, and maintain homes and neighbourhoods that are safe, connected, efficient, affordable, and flexible.

We will continue to grow, providing more affordable homes for those in the greatest need, meeting the changing needs of our customers old and new, and working with customers and partners to develop happy and healthy neighbourhoods.

Maximising value

We will maximise the value we provide to our customers and communities through decision making and initiatives that support environmental and social sustainability.

This means minimising our impact on the environment and supporting our customers to do the same, increasing the efficiency of their homes through investment and guidance. We will ensure our people are engaged, developed and equipped to achieve our goals.


Read our Strategic Plan

Read the full Strategic Plan and see our strategic objectives for 2022-2030.

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