Stonewater welcomes PM’s social housing plans

The Prime Minister’s promise today to build hundreds of thousands of truly affordable new homes across a range of tenures is great news for the many people currently struggling to afford decent housing across the country and who are stretched to breaking point to pay their mortgages and rents.

Nicholas Harris, CEO Stonewater - response to PM.jpg

As a major social housing provider, we support the proposals to make more funding available and the plans to build more desperately needed social housing which supports the nation’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. This requires politicians of all parties and at all levels to work with local communities to address the need for new affordable homes.

We welcome the opportunity to work and share our expertise and solutions with national and local government to get Britain building as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. By working together, we can tackle the nation’s chronic housing crisis and create the vital affordable housing which is the lifeblood of a successful economy and key to the creation of thriving and sustainable communities.

- Nicholas Harris, Chief Executive, Stonewater