Stonewater retains top G1 and V1 regulatory ratings

The Regulator of Social Housing has reaffirmed Stonewater as having the top levels of governance and financial management.

Nicholas Harris

Stonewater, one of the country’s leading social housing providers, received the positive news following an In-Depth Assessment conducted by the regulator as part of its regular programme of oversight.

The regulator assesses registered housing providers against a range of criteria including strategy, financial resilience and risk management. It then uses this information to determine its key economic regulation ratings for governance and financial viability. Stonewater has retained its top G1 and V1 gradings.

Nicholas Harris, Chief Executive at Stonewater, said: “While we all know the past year has presented us and our customers with unprecedented challenges, it is very reassuring to know our approach remains of the highest standard.

“We have worked incredibly hard as a team to ensure we continue to provide the support our customers need to allow them to live comfortably in their homes. The feedback from the regulator has been very positive, with strong assurance around our approach to health & safety and risk.”

Nicholas added: “The regulator also said all aspects of governance assessed were positive and highlighted our work in response to the pandemic – such as COVID-19 KPIs, new panels and monthly board meetings – as a clear example of the good quality of our governance.”