Responding to this evening’s proceedings in Parliament, John Bruton, Executive Director – Finance at Stonewater, said:

"While this is proving to be an unprecedented week in UK politics, Stonewater - like thousands of other businesses and organisations - will remain focused on our customers and communities.

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Our Brexit preparation has covered a range of scenarios, including liaising closely with key suppliers and partners, conducting extensive financial modelling, stress testing and risk mitigation planning. A general election in the near future remains a real possibility and the UK’s relationship with the EU would no doubt dominate.

However, we urge the government (whatever the outcome) to keep housing high on the domestic agenda.

There was some welcome news in today’s Spending Review in terms of £54m of new funding towards reducing homelessness, £1.5 billion for social care and £23 million to support people accessing Universal Credit. However, the urgent and continuing need to address our national housing crisis remains as pressing as ever and is something which should unite us all."