Party Manifestos – focus on housing welcomed

We’re pleased to see an all-party focus on mixed-tenure affordable housing and some ambitious housebuilding targets at a time when 1.2 million people in England are on a waiting list for social housing - and thousands more struggle to make the leap to their first independent home. However, the devil is in the detail and matching ambition with successful delivery will require investment in the right type of housing, in the right place, to meet local needs.

Nicholas Harris Stonewater CEO des.jpg

Crucial to the success of all of these housing plans will be a faster and more efficient planning system which is currently hugely under-resourced; an unswerving commitment from politicians at all levels and of all parties to place the need for new homes at the heart of local and national decision-making; a clear commitment to tackling the nation’s chronic construction skills shortage through investment in trade apprenticeships, training and recruitment to meet homebuilders’ current and future skill needs; and the political will to build the decent, affordable homes that are so badly needed.

As a leading social housing provider, we look forward to working with the next government at all levels to shape the detail of housing policy and deliver their manifesto promises.

Nicholas Harris, Chief Executive, Stonewater