New partnership will see Stonewater shape approach to measuring social value

Stonewater is the latest social housing provider to partner with innovation agency HACT and support the development of the social value roadmap.

Social Value Roadmap

Launched last September, the roadmap was initially developed by the UK Social Value in Housing Taskforce comprising of housing associations, the Regulator of Social Housing, HACT and experts in social value.

Aiming to equip the social housing sector to use social value information to increase impact, improve services and enhance decision-making, over the next year, Stonewater will be taking part in a number of working groups to drive forward the roadmap’s agenda.

This will involve creating and testing the new values, resources and tools, and contributing towards the roadmap’s development and implementation.

Karen Stephens, Director of Strategy and Transformation at Stonewater, said: “Contributing to the HACT’s social value roadmap presents an incredible opportunity for us to measure the value of the impact we have on our customers and communities.

From refuges, foyers and community-build schemes we deliver various innovative projects to support those whose needs are not met by the open market.

“Whilst these projects have no doubt transformed lives, we understand that we need to work collaboratively to share our ideas and experiences so that as a sector we can maximise the social, economic and environmental outcomes of our work.”

Andrew Van Doorn, Chief Executive at HACT, said: “We’re delighted that Stonewater have signed up to support the development of the social value roadmap. Their involvement will ensure that the values, tools and use cases are applicable and accessible across the sector, regales of organisational size.

“Our ambition is that the roadmap will result in social value becoming a key part of business decision-making, including forecasting, performance measurement and operational excellence, driving value for residents and communities.

“The roadmap will enable social housing organisations to measure the social value they generate using an expanded UK Social Value Bank containing environmental values, economic values alongside refreshed and updated wellbeing values.”

There are currently 32 organisations, including Stonewater, involved with developing the social value roadmap. For more information, visit: