New approach to customer engagement

A leading housing provider is taking a fresh approach to customer engagement by
establishing a new role that will create more opportunities for the organisation to put the customer voice at the forefront of its services.

Katie Teasdale

Stonewater has appointed Katie Teasdale as Head of Customer Voice and Influence, a brand-new role that will be dedicated to delivering effective customer communications, engagement, complaints and feedback.

Joining the organisation yesterday (7 April), Katie specialises in customer service and engagement, and was previously Head of Member Relations at the National Housing Federation (NHF).

During her seven years working for the NHF, Katie played a key role in the development of its Together with Tenants campaign – an initiative focused on strengthening the relationship between housing association residents and landlords.

Katie is intending to apply her learnings and experience to the new role at Stonewater to ensure customers are put at the heart of everything they do.

She said: “Building on Stonewater’s longstanding commitment to putting customers at the heart of everything they do, I’ll be working with customers, colleagues and stakeholders to make sure our customers’ voices, feedback and experience influence, shape and direct the development and delivery of our services.

“We want to build on what’s great in our existing approach but also innovate and find exciting new ways to listen, engage and communicate with our customers as we deliver the Charter for social housing residents and bring the vision of the social housing white paper to life.

“Most importantly, we want to ensure Stonewater is seen by its customers as a ‘listening organisation’, encouraging involvement and engagement, and crucially taking on board our customers’ feedback to make sure we keep improving our services and always put customers first .

“It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity and one that is not only aligned with my own passions for customer service delivery across social housing but also demonstrates that Stonewater is committed to putting their values into action.”

As part of the role, Katie will be responsible for developing and building Stonewater’s customer involvement framework, as well as identifying new ways to engage and involve customers.

Dave Lockerman, Customer Experience Director at Stonewater, said: “For us, this new role is about building on and strengthening our ongoing work to improve customer experience. This includes developing innovative methods of communication, listening to and learning from customers to improve services and ensuring that our customers are at the heart of service design.

“Katie is not only massively skilled in this area and has an impressive track record of engaging with customers, but she’s incredibly enthusiastic about what we’re trying to achieve at Stonewater. I’m really excited about her joining the team and look forward to seeing how she shapes this role, amplifying customer voice and maximising customer influence in our services.”