Jephson and Raglan exploring group potential

Jephson Homes Housing Association and Raglan Housing have today announced they are looking at the possibility of joining their two organisations together.

Following initial talks they believe the move could have very positive potential for customers.

As a result, both Boards have now agreed to talk further on a more formal and open basis. Today’s announcement does not indicate any decision or commitment - it simply means both Jephson and Raglan recognise, and are keen to explore, the potential benefits of becoming an enlarged housing association group.
Raglan and Jephson both have ambitions to increase their effectiveness and believe the match would be a good strategic and cultural fit. Raglan owns and manages around 13,000 affordable low cost homes in almost 100 local authority areas. The main part of the business focuses on general needs accommodation along with a wide range of supported and specialist services. In the main, Raglan has grown organically, and their operation has a wide geographical spread, managed through
3 regions - the South West, The Midlands and East and the South East.

Jephson manages over 16,000 homes including general family housing, low-cost home ownership, housing for older people and housing for tenants with support needs. Jephson Homes Housing Association, founded in 1970, is the parent organisation in the Group, which also includes Jephson Housing Association and Marches Housing Association. Marches HA was formed following the transfer of housing stock from Leominster District Council in 1994 and joined the Jephson Group as a subsidiary in May 1996.

Jephson Board Chair, Michael Collins, believes a combined group could deliver a range of benefits: “While both Jephson and Raglan are robust, successful organisations, we’d be stronger together than individually, enhancing what we do now as well as what we want to do in the future,” he says. “The geography of the combined group would help us benefit from economies of scale and efficiencies. Both Raglan and Jephson share a similar ethos and values, which is an important
consideration, particularly in terms of our staff and residents.”

According to the early discussions, a combined group has the potential to deliver a number of key benefits, including:

being able to do what they do now at lower cost, without compromising quality of service;
building a greater number of affordable homes than either would otherwise be able to deliver as separate organisations;
bringing together the best way of doing things from both organisations; and
improving the quality and reach of future services.

Raglan Board Chair, George Blunden, says it’s an exciting development: “Housing Associations need to get much smarter and be more creative to address the issues that lie ahead in the housing sector. Raglan has already begun this journey, undergoing a period of major business transformation which is already bearing fruit. We need to continue to look forward and strength and sustainability are key factors in our strategy of investment and growth. A combined organisation would be in the best position to respond to the changing external environment, including local and government policy.”

Staff of both organisations have been fully briefed on today’s announcement. The exploratory talks are expected to last until the autumn, when both Boards will review the business case and decide whether to progress further.

Note to Newsdesks

Further enquiries or requests to talk to either Chief Executive should be
directed to Denice Currie on 07767 241579 or email.