Customer consultation on Greenoak proposal

Stonewater is currently considering a proposal for Greenoak Housing Association Limited (Greenoak) to join the Stonewater Group.

If the proposal goes ahead, Greenoak would continue operating as its own legal entity but would become a subsidiary of Stonewater (5) Limited.

There would be no change for the vast majority of Stonewater customers and where there is a potential impact, we have written to customers separately to explain more about the proposals through a formal consultation process.

The main drivers of the proposal include:

  • A strong, natural fit between Stonewater and Greenoak, particularly in the areas of social ethos, customer care and commitment to sustainability.

  • The opportunity to share resources and become more efficient, which would release money for new homes and investment in customer services.

  • Adding Greenoak as a new member of the Stonewater Group would also strengthen the financial resilience of both organisations and, together, enable us to increase the overall number of new homes for people who need them most.

  • We already have experience of working together, through Greenoak’s management of Stonewater homes in the Woking area.

The feedback from the consultation (where it applies) will be considered by Stonewater’s Board before they make a final decision on the proposal. We will publish the outcome in November and meanwhile if you have any particular comments or questions please get in touch with us, using the email address: