Children in Newhaven make their mark on affordable housing development

Artworks by children from Harbour Hill Primary School have been chosen to feature on the hoarding around a development of affordable homes on the site of the former Parker Pen factory in Newhaven, East Sussex.

Poster Competition Winners

The ‘things I love about Newhaven’ competition organised by leading housing provider Stonewater and its construction partner Hill called for the school’s pupils to capture what they love about Newhaven by creating a poster.

Attracting 40 entrants aged between five and eleven, Stonewater has given all the children who entered a box of Lego and selected eleven winning submissions to be displayed at the site for all the community to enjoy.

Christine Terrey, Headteacher at Harbour Primary School, said: “I was delighted when Stonewater and Hill approached us with this idea. I think it’s great to get the children thinking about what they value about their hometown and feel engaged with the changes that are going on in the local area.

“The children enjoyed creating the artworks and were really pleased with the prizes Stonewater sent – it was a nice surprise for everyone.”

The entirely affordable development comprising of a total of 145 homes – available for affordable rent, shared ownership and Rent to Buy – has presented several opportunities for younger people in Newhaven.

In addition to the competition with Harbour Primary School, the development has also created employment opportunities for three students from a local college.

Matt Crucefix, Director of Development (South and West) at Stonewater, said: “Having a positive impact on the communities we work in is important to Stonewater. For children in particular, competitions like the ‘things I love about Newhaven’ enable them to play a part in creatively shaping their surroundings, whilst learning about the positive changes happening in their community.

“We have worked closely with Lewes District Council to design a space that not only provides additional affordable homes but also enhances the current surroundings. With a good deal of open space, ecological features and play areas, so we hope that our completed development will be a ‘new thing’ that the local children like about Newhaven.”