Brexit vote: Housing must continue to be a priority

In the wake of this week’s Brexit vote in the House of Commons, Stonewater is highlighting the need for politicians to retain focus on tackling the UK’s housing crisis and avoid momentum being lost in the debate over our future relationship with the EU.

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As one of the UK’s leading social housing providers, Stonewater has a significant development programme of 4,850 affordable new homes in the next four years and has prepared for a range of Brexit scenarios to ensure they are delivered where they are most needed.

Nicholas Harris, chief executive of Stonewater, said: “We have been pleased to see the commitments made in the past year by the government to tackling the chronic shortage of affordable homes in so many areas. Yet, while Brexit is clearly capturing the current headlines, we must not forget the on-going story of Britain’s housing crisis.

“The sector is doing everything possible to manage the post-Brexit impacts, but it will take a great deal of political will and focus to keep housing high on our domestic agenda.”

Nicholas Harris, chief executive