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Date published: 30 August 2018

“When I moved in (to Hazelmead), I felt extremely suspicious of the staff, and I didn’t like taking medication” recalls Bill. “At first I spent most days in bed but, once I had knew more about the people who worked there and my own keyworker, I began to engage. I was able to discuss my drug use and how it impacted my mental and physical health”.

After several weeks of talking to staff and the mental health team (Early Intervention), Bill decided to cease his drug use. It was a very difficult decision for him but with the support of our colleagues, he was determined to stop.

Since moving to Hazelmead, Bill’s mental health has improved “.. to such an extent that I have been able to visit my friends in Germany, something I did not think I would be able to do. I organised the whole trip with minimal support. I’ve also completed training to become a Peer Mentor for the Avon and Wiltshire Partnership (NHS), giving me the opportunity to support people who are experiencing the same difficulties I have had. I am also planning to further develop my skills by doing a course on counselling.”

With the help of his keywork, Bill is planning to live independently within the next three months. Bill is currently planning, with the help of his keyworker, to move to independent living in the next three months.

Reflecting on his move Bill added; “If I had not moved to Hazelmead, I would have probably continued using drugs and my mental health would have deteriorated to such a degree that I could have ended up hospitalised - or worse! I would have continued to see, and suffer from, abuse at home too which would have been insufferable”.

*Name changed to protect our residents privacy.