George Blunden Public Art Prize

For the first time, Stonewater is launching its own public art prize to give talented artists from all over the country – both established and emerging – who are producing ground-breaking and innovative artworks the chance to deliver a series of pieces that can sit proudly on its development schemes.

Stonewater’s public art

Strong communities provide the social cement that holds places together and often defines their success. Nowhere is this more apparent and needed than in the formation of new residential neighbourhoods.

Previously, Stonewater’s development team has worked closely within the local communities they are serving to commission artists that are able to create pieces that convey a distinctive narrative of place, uncovering histories and nuances of the area.

Having spent more time exploring our local surroundings throughout the coronavirus outbreak, the importance of having beautiful sights and engaging areas nearby has never been greater. Another really compelling reason why Stonewater is inviting artists of all disciplines to play their part in building community spirit and inspiring residents at new affordable housing developments across England.

Winner of the George Blunden Public Art Prize 2021

Congratulations to Coda Workshop, winner of the 2021 George Blunden Public Art Prize.

Find out more here and in our video below.

Prize entries

Entries for this year's George Blunden Public Art Prize have now closed.

If you would like to be kept updated about the prize, please register your interest here.  You can also follow progress on Instagram @Blunden_Prize.

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