We love where we live, even more now it’s ours

The £200 million Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) pilot gave eligible tenants like Mr and Mrs Raj, the opportunity to purchase their home at Right to Buy level discounts.

Voluntary Right to Buy (4)

The couple moved to the UK from India nearly a decade ago and have been renting the same home ever since. They love their neighbourhood and have always wanted to purchase their own home. As soon as they heard about the scheme, they knew it was for them.

“For us, what was important was being able to buy our current home,” explained Mrs Raj. “It’s a real community where we live and we’re always telling our relatives how lucky we are to be where we are. Not only that, but we’ve made countless memories from raising our children in the property and that’s something we didn’t ever want to have to walk away from.”

While buying a property can be complicated and the pilot was testing brand new processes, the couple were pleased with the support they received from Stonewater to help them buy their home.

Mrs Raj added: “From applying to submitting all of the relevant documents and asking any questions about what to expect next, the Stonewater team were always happy to put our nerves at ease.”

Like with most things today, the application for the VRTB was conducted online – making it easier to complete. Rather than worrying about forgetting any important documents and having to make a trip to the office twice, the couple were able to finalise their information in the comfort of their home.

“We have been renting our home for nine years and while we have enjoyed our experience, it is not the same as owning your own place. We truly love where we live and we couldn’t be more pleased that this scheme came about,” said Mrs Raj.

Stonewater recently announced its hundredth successful Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) sale. For more information about the VRTB and read more stories like the Raj’s, click here.