Here, we explain how shared ownership has helped Anita purchase a home with Stonewater.

Anita had long term aspirations of owning her own home.

Voluntary Right to Buy (2)

Anita Christie-Fay was looking into moving back to England after living in Spain for a while. With the help of her son, Daniel, she had researched the property market extensively.

However, Anita could not afford to purchase a suitable home in the area she wanted to move back to. Her options were limited because, she really was not keen on renting which would drain her savings quickly while she was on a fixed income – her pension.

During their research, Anita and Daniel came across shared ownership homes but neither of them had any idea how shared ownership worked and whether Anita would be eligible.

Daniel had seen an advertisement for Stonewater’s brand-new development in his area and got in contact to find out more. The sales team at Stonewater clearly explained how shared ownership worked and all about the new homes currently available.

It was a perfect alternative to buying a home outright or renting privately, as Anita would own 50% of the brand-new home and rent the remaining 50% from Stonewater. She also has the option to increase the portion that she owns as well when she can afford to buy an additional share of the property.

Anita says “I never thought I would be able to own a home in England but it feels great to be on the property ladder again. Not having to pay extortionate amount of rent makes me feel at home and secure. I will enjoy decorating this brand-new home and making it my own.”

Daniel says “Stonewater have been amazing and we wouldn't be where we are now without them. They were great initially explaining what mum’s options were and have helped throughout the whole process, making her move back to the UK as stress free as possible.”