Our staff acted quickly to house a victim of modern slavery

When one of our Tenancy Services Officers (TSO) Hayley*, arrived to visit a block of flats, she was met by a police officer. The officer told her that they had forcibly entered into a flat to carry out a welfare check on a resident as he was a victim of modern slavery.

Modern slavery

The resident was now at the police station giving evidence, and the police advised us that the resident needed to be moved immediately to alternative accommodation.

Hayley called Sophie* in our Voids and Allocations Officer (VAO) team to try and find a new home for the resident. Sophie explained that the resident was eligible for a home in a nearby Retirement Living scheme, and that one was available.

Sophie worked with Hayley and the police to arrange for the resident to move to the flat as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Hayley prepared the paperwork for the resident to sign on his arrival, which would allow his tenancy to start immediately.

When the resident arrived at the flat, he met Service Delivery Officer (SDO) Chris*, who assessed the resident and showed him round his new, fully furnished, home. Chris also liaised with the police and the local council to get his personal belongings brought to him over the next few days.

Since moving into his new home, the resident has said that he was grateful to be taken out of a situation of vulnerability and into a safe environment.

*names changed to protect the identities of those involved.